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The San, or Bushmen, are descendants of pre-colonial hunter gatherers who once lived throughout southern Africa.  Today, a diminished population of around 130,000 lives scattered across six countries in southern Africa. 
Archaeologists now believe that truly modern humans first emerged in the south-western corner of South Africa. So the San have located their own Heritage Centre, the first of its kind in the world, in the ‘cradle of the human mind.’

Life has changed very rapidly for the San, rarely in ways of their choosing.  For generations San people have been largely excluded from the benefits of modern life, including education and employment opportunities.  San are amongst the most dis-enfranchised and poverty stricken people in the world. 

!Khwa ttu is a non-profit company that seeks to redress these disadvantages.  We strive to restore dignity and cultural pride, while navigating a practical path between the old ways and the new world.
We are committed to the preservation of traditional knowledge and the development of skills to equip the San to thrive in a modern, digital world.
The San have remarkable attributes, skills and knowledge. Understanding our shared history reminds us who we are.

Connect with your past.  Change the future.
Please support us, with a regular donation, if at all possible.
Thank you very much.


!Khwa ttu Heritage Centre is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, Registered Charity Number 1099682


Charity No: 1099682

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